Farm Life Week!

This week we learned all about farms; what animals we can find on them, who runs them, what we get from them, and how important they are. Cows and pigs tied for classroom favorite in the Candy Cane room, meanwhile, in the Lifesaver room, chickens were the favorite! Our question of the week had us chuckling all day [What do goats give us?] with answers like “apples”, “dogs”, and “grass.” Needless to say, the class was quite surprised when they learned that like cows, goats give us milk too!

Farm life artwork 

Sensory play, animal sorting, and practice with scissors 

Building a fence to keep the animals in



Rainbow Week!

This week in our Three-Year-Old rooms we learned all about rainbows; how they are made, that no two are the same, and what the acronym ROYGBIV stands for! We watched videos, read stories, and made crafts all focusing on the colors of the rainbow.

ROYGBIV, counting, sorting, and letter recognition 

Fine motor play and practice with scissors 

Rainbow arts and crafts 

Rainbow volcano science experiment: baking soda, vinegar, glitter
Our scientists discovered that water will not make the volcano erupt like vinegar does 

Happy 3rd birthday, Hadley Jayce!


Our Easter parade will be April 11th at 11 AM, all families are welcome to attend 🙂

Spring Weather Week!

This week in Preschool our focus was spring weather. We discussed that as the weather warms up and the snow melts, the birds come back home and flowers start to bloom. We also discussed thunderstorms and how springtime often means rain! We even got to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine later in the week! 🙂

Grass sensory table, listening to spring sounds, and baking spring cookies

Letter recognition and counting

Springtime artwork

Enjoying the warm sunshine

Dental Health Week!

This week in Preschool we talked about why taking care of your teeth is so important, what happens during a visit to the Dentist, and what happens when you lose a baby tooth. The class took turns looking at their teeth in mirrors and then practiced brushing their teeth (with water). We used a toothbrush in place of a paintbrush when doing projects and centered our artwork around teeth. We read stories about the tooth fairy and watched The Tooth Defenders on YouTube. The classes loved learning all about their teeth and the teachers enjoyed seeing everyone so involved and engaged!

Practicing brushing our teeth (& our dinosaur’s teeth) and learning to floss!

Learning about foods that are good/bad for our teeth

Making toothbrushes [practice cutting]
Creating a rainbow with a toothbrush
Making a mouth with marshmallows 

Cooking “good for your teeth” food
Building a Dentist office with blocks
Sensory play
Letter recognition
Reading about teeth (The Tooth Defenders)
& Prepping for St. Patrick’s Day

Practice writing our names!

Dr. Seuss Week!

This week in Preschool we focused on Dr. Seuss and all of his wacky stories! We made a poll on who would eat green eggs and ham, [only] 8 friends between the two classes would actually eat it! We talked about the places we’d like to visit when we get bigger (Disney World, breakfast, and a football stadium were some answers). We practiced our numbers with apples and finished the week with Lorax mustaches!

The Cat In The Hat
Green Eggs And Ham
Oh The Places You’ll Go
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Ten Apples Up On Top

The Lorax

We ended the week with scissor practice, letter recognition & name tracing, and Irish marble painting!

Favorite Author Week!

This week in Preschool we focused on some of our favorite classroom authors! Don Wood (The Big Hungry Bear), Laura Numeroff (If You Give A Mouse A Cookie series), and Norman Bridwell (Clifford) are some of our top picks! Each day this week we read a different book and made projects focused around Laura Numeroff’s series.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
If You Give A Pig A Pancake
If You Give A Moose
A Muffin
If You Give A Dog A Donut 

We counted bears for The Big Hungry Bear  and chocolate chips for If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
We also practiced writing our names 

We did a lot of kitchen play this week as most of Numeroff’s books had to do with food, we also built fences to try to keep each animal (mouse, moose, dog, and pig) out of trouble!