A Christmas Story!

This week in Preschool we discussed the story of Christmas! We assembled our nativity scenes in the classrooms and talked about each of the people represented in the manger. The children made projects centered around Christmas and baby Jesus, listened to stories, and began practice for the winter pageant!

Eating birthday cake for baby Jesus, sequencing Christmas, building baby Jesus a manger!

Number recognition and counting!

Writing letters to Santa!

Last week we said goodbye to Miss Angela, this week we wrapped up our final nutrition lesson for the year! Hummus, cucumber, olive, and pepper faces on a whole wheat wrap!

We ended the week with cupcakes for Michaels 3rd birthday! 

michaels birthday.jpg


As the temperature drops and the snow piles up high, please bring your child snow gear so we can go outside! 🙂


Holiday Traditions Around The World!

This was a very special week in Preschool, we learned all about traditions in different parts of the world! Each day we learned about a new location; America, Japan, Australia, Germany, and Spain! We talked about similarities and differences across the globe. For example, we discussed that Santa and St. Nick are shared traditions but that in the U.S. there is snow at Christmas time but in Australia, they have sunshine!

We read stories, used manipulatives, engaged in sensory play, and made crafts all centered around the different locations.

We said goodbye to Miss Angela this week as we wrapped up our final nutrition lesson! We sure will miss her and all of her yummy treats & fun dance moves! Thank you again, Miss Angela!

Thanksgiving – Week Two!

This week we continued our Thanksgiving discussion. We shared who would be joining us for dinner, talked more about what yummy food we’d eat, and made pumpkin pie for dessert!

v & c pumpkin pie.jpg

Building a fence to keep the turkeys from escaping!building a fence for turkeys.jpg

The children continued their work with letter recognition, then they played with sand to help us transition into next weeks discussion of Holiday Traditions around the world!

We ended the week with yet another birthday and decorated for Christmas! The children had an absolute blast!

Thanksgiving – Week 1!

This week in Preschool we learned all about Thanksgiving! We read books about The Mayflower, discussed what it means to be thankful, shared our favorite Thanksgiving food, and so much more. It was definitely a busy week!

We made paper plate turkeys, used pipe cleaners to make turkey tracks, tore brown paper to make turkey legs, and created a giant turkey with each child’s feather! Thank you to all of the families that helped decorate your child’s feather 🙂 

We practiced our counting using feathers, played with fall colored sensory bottles, worked on letter recognition, and made a chart with all of our favorite Thanksgiving foods!

On Wednesday, Miss Angela came for our nutrition lesson! We listened to a story, danced, and made hummus, cheese, and cucumber wraps! After all of that, we made our own Thanksgiving dinner and dessert in the kitchen!

As the cold weather starts to set in, we celebrated a birthday and cozied up on the circle rug to listen to stories! What a great week we had!

Leaf Week!

This week we focused on leaves; where we find them, their colors, and what we can do with them. We made a number of different art projects including rip and tear leaves with glitter. We also made trees using legos to create the leaves and used stamps to make a “happy fall” sign for the classroom.

Some of our sensory play this week consisted of leaf rubbings, jelly bead bins with leaves, and slime where the children tried making their own leaves!

We practice our numbers daily in the classroom, counting whenever we get the chance. This week the children counted pom-poms, matching them with the number on a [leaf] card. We made bracelets with pipe cleaners and beads, again the children practiced their numbers, counting the beads as they went. This is also a great fine motor activity for children!

Halloween – Week 2!

What a busy week we’ve had in Preschool!

We made spooky artwork; mummies, Frankenstein, and spiders!

We went “pumpkin picking” and then painted our pumpkins!

We made apple volcanoes and pumpkin volcanoes with baking soda, vinegar, glitter, and food coloring! The children had a blast watching the apples/pumpkins fizzle up and pour out the top!

… And of course, we dressed up to celebrate Halloween! The children worked hard to learn their songs for the parade, and though there were some tears, they loved every second of it! We are truly grateful for all of the families that came out to show their support!

Halloween – Week One!

This week kicks off our two week Halloween celebration! Our classes read books, made art, sang songs, and of course dressed up all in the spirit of Halloween.

This weeks art consisted of chalk ghosts, finger paint & googly-eyed monsters, and jack-o-lanterns!


Dramatic play: Doctors, Firemen, superheroes,  princesses, and even a lobster!




  • Our Halloween parade will be Wednesday, October 31st at 11:00!
  • As the cool weather sets in, please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing to go outdoors!