Apple Week!

This week our classes talked all about apples; the different parts to an apple, what we can make with apples, and where apples grow!

We used apples instead of brushes to make apple prints and used tissue paper to make our own apples!

The children made apple pies with playdough, worked on patterns with apples, danced like seeds, and cooked up their favorite apple dishes in the kitchen!

Our nutrition lessons continued this week with cucumbers, red peppers, and carrots! The children used cards to recognize new (and old) foods and shared some of their favorites. We even had a tea party!

Two firemen from the Lyncourt Fire Station came to The Gingerbread House and discussed fire safety! We were able to see them in all of their gear and even got to check out the new truck! A big thank you to Matthew and Jeremy for stopping by, the children loved it!


Fall Weather and Activities Week!

This week we read stories, sang songs, and made art all focusing on fall weather, and we had a lot of fun doing it! We talked about apple picking and scarecrows, discussed ideas for Halloween costumes, and even went on a walk in search of pumpkins!

Making sunflowers, scarecrows, cheerio trees, and marble leaf prints!

Fine motor apple sorting, bug investigation, matching leaves with their shadows, and working with numbers!

Dancing like vegetables (above ground/below ground) and making veggie kebabs!

Cooking up fall treats, shape play, and coloring!



  • Please check your child’s cubby and preschool bag every night
  • We will be CLOSED Monday, October 8th for Columbus Day and Teacher In-Service
  • Our preschool Halloween parade will be on Wednesday, October 31st at 11:00

Community Helper Week!

This week we discussed different helpers within a community; dentists, doctors, firemen, policemen, chefs, mailmen, and teachers. We had group discussions, watched videos, read stories, and made art all centered around community helpers. Children were able to share experiences they may have had with one or more of these helpers as well as act out different scenarios in dramatic play.

“Shiny like me” tooth paintings and checking out our teeth in a mirror.

Taking care of sick babies and creating an X-Ray.

Traffic light artwork, lincoln log construction workers, and a fireman.

We continued our lesson on nutrition this week, the children were able to touch and taste cucumbers and kiwi.

We wrapped the week up explaining that the people we talked about all week can be considered heroes of a community… But of course, the real heroes are these children!

Friendship Week!

This week we worked with friends to create different pieces of art including murals, new friend handprint art, and friendship bracelets! The children were paired with a friend they don’t typically get to spend a lot of time with, allowing them to better get to know their new friend.

We spent a lot of time this week using manipulatives to work on our fine motor.

On Wednesday we had a special guest come to talk to us about nutrition! We learned about some new (and old) fruits & vegetables and even got to try some! We were able to taste red peppers, pineapple, and white nectarine.


Family Week!

This week we talked about family; what family means, who is in our family, and different family roles. The children participated in a variety of activities, all centered around the topic of family.

The children washed their babies in the sensory bin and even put them down for a nap! After that, we swapped out the soap and water for grass and animals where the children used their imaginations and played with pets.

We used our shapes to build paper houses, made a pet fish art project, and made a class family tree! The children spent the week telling stories about their families and what they all do together, you could see the love beaming from each of them as they shared stories!

All About Me!

As we wrap up week one of Preschool, we are all eager to see what the next week brings! This week our theme was “All About Me” and each child was able to share what makes him/her special. One of our big projects this week were rainbow organizers with information about each child such as their age, favorite color, favorite food, etc. Our second project allowed the children to use magnifying glasses to see the differences in their fingerprints, reinforcing the idea that we are all different but special!


To go along with the theme, the children served up their favorite foods in the kitchen and used wooden blocks/waffle blocks to build their houses!


Throughout the week, everyone had the chance to decorate “All About Me” bags. They filled the bags with items to represent who they are and what they like. On Friday each child joyfully showed off the goodies in their bags. We loved learning about our new friends!