Thanksgiving Week!

We learned all about Thanksgiving this week! We talked about the foods we eat on Thanksgiving, shared what we are thankful for, and learned the meaning of Thanksgiving. We hung up a turkey in our classroom and decorated his feathers!


Making “turkey” tracks!


Hand print turkeys!


“Pumpkin pie” counting fine motor game! The children had to pinch cotton balls with a clothespin and set them on top of the paper plate pumpkin pie. The cotton balls were the “whipped cream”.


Name turkey feathers & graphing our favorite Thanksgiving food!


Turkey feather counting mats! The children had to recognize the number on the turkey and place that many feathers around the turkey.


Fine motor practice! Placing colored clothes pins around a turkey plate to give him his feathers.


Play dough turkeys! The children had to place beads on straws  to create the turkeys feathers. This was also good fine motor practice!


Our hands saying what we are thankful for, for our class thankful tree.43


Free play! Playing with foam, matching shapes, working with gears, preparing a turkey dinner, and practicing our writing.


  • We will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday November, 23rd AND Friday, November 24th.

Leaf week!

This week we learned all about leaves! We learned why leaves change color and we explored the different colors and shapes of leaves. We even went on a leaf hunt outside and picked our favorite ones to bring back in the classroom with us! We used the leaves we picked to complete an art project called “Leaf Prints” and we looked closely at them to observe their different colors and shapes.


Leaf prints, observing leaves through a magnifying glass and leaf stencils!


Marble “painting” leaves! The children held a bucket with a marble in it, paint and a piece of paper that had a leaf drawn on it. They swayed the bucket back and forth to make the marble move the paint around on the leaf.


Leaf transfer activity! The children had to grab the leaves with a clothes pin and put them into a basket. Then, they had to count how many they placed in the basket once they finished. We also played a leaf math game where the children had to match the number on the leaf to another leaf with the same number on it.


Free play! Using cookie cutter leaf shapes on play dough, counting bears and making patterns, using a Geo-board with rubber bands, and pretending to make Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen area!


Leaf graphing! The children had to match the color of their leaves to the same color on the graph.


Leaf people & cork stamping leaves on trees!


Fine motor practice! We practiced lacing beads on shoe laces.


  • We will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th.


Halloween & Fall Week!

This week we celebrated Halloween in our classroom! We continued making Halloween projects during our art centers and we started doing some Fall themed art as the week went on. The children had a fun Halloween party in our classroom that included fun games and yummy snacks. They all looked great in their costumes and did a great job on stage during our Halloween show!!21SDC16858 

Halloween games! We played a “ghost” bowling game and a ring toss game where the children had to try and throw a ring onto a witches hat. 


Our yummy Halloween snack! The children were given Oreo’s and stick pretzels. They had to try and make a spider using the pretzels as legs!


Tracing the first letter of our names with toy spiders!


Making witches and scarecrows!


Learning about farms and farm animals! The children were asked what their favorite farm animal was and we made a class chart of our favorites. 


Building a farm out of blocks and playing with farm houses and ponies!


We learned what an Acorn is and that squirrels eat them. The children had a chance to paint their own Acorn as part of our Fall art project!


Math fun! The children practiced counting colored bears and doing different patterns with them.


  • Please start bringing in extra winter clothing for your child to keep in their cubbies.
  • Please make sure your child has a pair of snow pants, gloves, boots, a hat, and a scarf for outside play when it starts snowing!

Halloween Week!

This week we have been preparing for Halloween! We completed many different Halloween art projects, talked about what we do on Halloween, and we even did a Halloween experiment. The children had fun doing these different activities throughout the week and are excited for Halloween next Tuesday!

To complete our experiment we only used an empty water bottle, baking soda, vinegar, green food coloring, and a green balloon with Frankenstein’s face drawn on it. We poured the baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring into the empty water bottle and placed the green balloon on top of the water bottle. We watched the balloon blow up on its own! The balloon did not blow up as much as we wanted it to, but we still had fun observing!



Googly eye sensory bags! The children loved feeling the googly eyes in the “slime”! Ingredients: Ziploc bag, green hair gel, googly eyes (We duct tapped the ends so that it wouldn’t spill out)


Fine motor spider grabbing! The children had to grab the spiders out of the “webs” with clothes pins.


Hand print spiders!


Our hand/arm skeletons! We painted the children’s hands and part of their arms with white paint and placed Q-tips on them to create our “bones”!


We made ghosts and candy corn!


Dance party!!


  • Picture order forms are due by Monday.
  • Our Halloween parade is Tuesday, October 31st at 11:00am.

Pumpkin Week!

We spent the week learning all about Pumpkins! We talked about the colors a Pumpkin can be, the different shapes, what the inside feels like and what foods we can make using a Pumpkin. We also observed a super cool science experiment, called a Pumpkin volcano!! All it took was some baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar. The children took turns pouring these ingredients into a Pumpkin and watched it create a fizzing foam that poured out over the top of the Pumpkin. We even felt the inside of the Pumpkin to see what the foam felt like!20


Making pumpkin apple stamps!


We made a Pumpkin patch using only our thumbs! We called it our “Thumbkin Pumpkin Patches”.


Math fun! We played a Pumpkin matching game. The children had to match the shape on the Pumpkin to the shape on the orange Pumpkin on the template.


Painting a paper plate Pumpkin and making Lego stamp Pumpkins. We created the faces on the Pumpkins with our pointer fingers!


This week in gym with Mr. Mike we played a “Tick-or-Treat” game where the children each had a Pumpkin basket and they had to run and pick up as many items as they could and place them in their bucket. We counted at the end to see who collected the most items!616


  • Our Halloween Parade is coming up on Tuesday, October 31st at 11:00.
  • We will be having a small Halloween party for the children before the parade with a special Halloween treat and we will play some fun Halloween games!
  • We ask that you please have your child dressed in their costumes BEFORE they get to school that day.

Apples, Apples, Apples!

This week we have been learning all about apples! We talked about where apples grow, the different colors apples can be, their shape, and we explored the different parts of an apple, including the inside and outside. We completed a science experiment by asking the children if they think an apple will sink or float if we put it in a bucket of water. Each child placed an apple in the water and they got to see if they were right on their hypothesis. We found out that the apple floated!



Exploring different parts of the inside and outside of an apple!



Math fun! Counting apples and matching colored pom-poms to the correct apple color.


Stamping with red paint and a sponge to create a paper plate apple.


“A” is for Apple artwork!


  • Our Halloween Parade will be Tuesday, October 31st at 11:00. 
  • Please have your child dressed BEFORE they get to school.
  • We ask that any “weapons” that may come with your child’s costume please be left at home.

The children have been practicing their Halloween songs in class and on stage and they are excited to put on a great show for you! We hope to see you there!


“Fall Weather & Activities” week!

This week we learned all about the Fall weather and different activities that we can do in the Fall. We asked the children questions such as: “What color leaves do you see in the Fall?”, “Have you ever been Apple or Pumpkin picking?” and “Have you ever racked a pile of leaves and jumped in them?” We hung our leaf wreaths and pumpkins that we made on our blackboard in our classroom for everyone to see! 22


Making our leaf wreaths and tracing faces on our pumpkins!


We dipped Apples in red, green, and yellow paint and practiced stamping them on our paper!


Math fun! We had to recognize the number in the Apple basket and put that many fingerprints of “Apples” in the baskets! We also practiced our patterns with paper pumpkins and apples.


Math Game! We had to match the number on the leaf we picked with the same number on another leaf  that was laid out on the table.


Fine Motor! We practiced pinching clothes pins to pick up pom-poms from a bowl and transferred them into another bowl. We also practiced pinching the clothespins to place around a paper plate. We’re trying to focus on strengthening our muscles in our fingers!


For the last several weeks, we have been working on finding the first letter of our names on our Alphabet wall. The children call it our “ABC” wall!