“My Family” Week!

This week in Preschool we learned all about each others families! We created a family tree on our chalkboard of all the different and unique families in our classroom. We talked about how we can show our families we love them and how our pets at home are also part of our families. We also made a class hand print family tree and talked about how we have our own special family within our classroom at school!    8     775    We asked the children how many people are in their family and talked about how our pets at home are part of our families too. We made hand print goldfish!722

Building houses out of blocks and legos! 

   During art this week, we made houses out of different shapes and colors!

     Playing with sand in the sensory bin, pretending to be a veterinarian, and practicing our cutting!

Stringing shoe laces through holes, counting colored bears, and making patterns!


“All About Me” Learning Centers

We used mirrors to look at our reflections and made name initial mosaics. In order to complete the mosaics the children had to rip pieces of paper and outline their initials. We also practiced pinching clothes pins and matching the letter on the clothes pins to the letter on the paper. This was great fine motor practice for the children. Then, we traced the outline of the children’s bodies and they tried to draw their faces and their clothes on their bodies!


“All About Me” Week!

The first week of Preschool has been fun and exciting!! This week your child has been learning all about themselves and their friends. We have completed many different projects and learning centers that taught the children all about themselves! On Wednesday, the children were able to share their “All About Me” bags with their friends during circle time. They loved it!!eAll About Me 3