We are Bucket Fillers!

We are a Bucket Filling classroom! ūüôā

This week we learned what it means to be a Bucket Filler. The children learned that being a Bucket Filler means that we show our friends and teachers that we are kind, helpful, and caring. We learned that it is important to be kind to our friends¬†and teachers because it shows them that we care about them! If the children showed that they were kind or helpful towards their teachers or friends then they were awarded a star in their “bucket”.

Decorating our “buckets”


Decorating stars to go into our buckets


We made a class list of ways to show that we are a Bucket Filling classroom!DSC00063


Fine motor practice: Picking up pom-poms with tweezers and transferring them to fill up a bucket.


Being kind to our friends by giving them hugs!DSC00066


Working together to build a train track and playing together in the kitchen area.


Superhero fun!SAM_1105


Playing on the play ground!



  • Our St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser will be on Thursday, March 15th.
  • 5:30-7:30pm in the gym.
  • $25 per family
  • Includes dinner & drinks for 2-5 members
  • We need your help in collecting items for our silent auction! Please bring in GIFT CARDS that will make up a 3 and 4 year old gift card board.¬†
  • Gift cards will be due to your child’s teacher by March 9th.

Valentine’s Day Celebration!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day in our classroom this week! The children exchanged Valentine cards with each other and we had a Valentine’s Day party to celebrate all of the love! We also made some more Valentine’s crafts this week and completed many activities using hearts.

Exchanging Valentine cards with friends


Valentine’s Day class party with Oreo’s and ice cream!


Decorating our Valentine bags

Matching heart math game!

Making heart wreaths


Playing with rose petals in the sensory bin


Heart hop scotch and bean bag toss

“Mailing out” Valentine cards


  • The center will be ClOSED Monday, February 19th for a Teacher-In-Service day.

Valentine’s Day

We spent the week talking about Valentine’s Day! We talked about how we can show people that we love them and how it feels to be loved. The children completed many art projects with hearts and we used hearts for many other activities!

Making heart people


“I love you to pieces” craft


“Love bugs”


How many hearts can you hold? We asked the children to predict how many hearts they thought they could hold in their hands. We found out that everyone could hold more than they thought!


Painting a heart using cotton balls and using cookie cutter hearts in play dough


Practicing our cutting


Practicing our computer skills!SAM_1061

Bears & Hibernation

This week we talked all about bears and hibernation. The children learned that bears hibernate all winter long and they wake up in the spring. We talked about why bears are really hungry when they wake up from hibernating. We said because they were too busy sleeping all winter long! We asked the children what they think bears eat and they said, fish and berries.

Paper plate bears and bear paws


Determining whether a bear was small, medium, or large and placing the bear on the correct size spot.


“H” is for Hibernation craft


Graphing bears by their color


Playing with bears in kitchen area


Fun in the snow!


  • The center will be CLOSED Monday, February 19th for a teacher in-service day.¬†

Ice Science!

This week we learned all about Ice! We talked about how ice melts, freezes and how we can make ice. We completed different science experiments that showed how we can make ice melt. One of the science experiments was called, “Oil & Ice”. We filled a small bucket with water, baby oil and put paint colored ice cubes into the water and oil. Oil repels water and when you put an ice cube into oil it begins to melt. The children witnessed the paint from the ice cubes drop to the bottom of the bucket. Pretty cool!


Which ingredient makes ice melt the fastest? The children watched water, sugar and salt being poured onto ice cubes and observed which one melted the ice the fastest. We found that the water was the fastest way to melt the ice!


Painting ice cubes!


“I” is for Igloo art


Counting icicles and pointing to the correct number


Decorating icicles with glitter


Going for a walk and playing outside!

Arctic Animals

This week we learned all about Arctic Animals! The children learned the different kind of animals that live in the arctic and that the arctic is very cold. We did a science experiment that showed the children how animals stay warm living in the arctic. We also had the opportunity to play outside in the snow this week!

The children put their hand in an ice filled bucket and felt how cold their hand was. Then we put a glove on the children’s hands, put Crisco shortening on the glove and wrapped it with plastic wrap. Then, the children put their hand in the ice water again and felt that their hand did not feel as cold this time. The Crisco acted as the animals fur¬†and the children learned that the animals fur is what keeps them warm in the arctic!¬†

Ingredients: Ice, water, latex gloves, Crisco shortening, and plastic wrap


Playing outside! We did some different exercises up and down the sidewalk and even blew some bubbles to see if they would freeze in the cold.


Polar bear process art


Making penguins!


Paper plate arctic owls and walrus’


Math practice! Matching colored winter hats to the penguin’s same color scarf.


Feeding the penguins “fish” (goldfish). The children rolled a dice and whatever number it landed on, they put that many goldfish in the penguins belly!


Arctic animals and play snow in the sensory bin26


End of the day fun! Painting with water colors before we went home for the night.32


  • Please make sure your child has a pair of snow pants, boots, gloves, hats, and a scarf for outside play. We will be going outside every day, even if it’s only for about 5-10 minutes to get some fresh air!

Winter Activities

This week we learned all about different winter activities. The children said that during the winter time we can ice skate, snow board, make igloo’s, build snowmen, and go sledding! We talked about what our favorite activity to do is in the winter and explained why it was our favorite. Most of us said our favorite is to go sledding!

Painting ice skates and making an ice rink


Making snowflakes out of Popsicle sticks and shaking glitter on them!


“Ice skating” using our fingers!


Snowball paintings using the top of a plastic bottle


Snowmen sensory bags

Ingredients: Only water & glitter! We put the bags in the freezer and the children were able to feel how cold it was and they were able to break apart the ice inside. 


Fine motor snowflakes! The children used tweezers to pick up pom-poms and place them on the circles in the snowflake. This was also a great math activity, the children counted how many pom-poms were on their snowflake.


Practicing making snow angels before we went outside to play in the snow!24


  • Please make sure your child has a pair of snow pants, gloves, a hat, a scarf, and boots for outside play in the snow. We will be starting to go outside whenever we can!